Class V Middle Fork Frame

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Frame weight 53lbs. (Stock model)

The Middle Fork frame is the North Fork’s big brother. This the perfect frame for river runners that frequently take passengers and gear on their adventures. Like the North Fork frame, the Middle Fork is designed to provide optimal rowing performance. And with 2 bays behind the cockpit, you can easily carry a load of gear for extended trips.

Every person’s body and rowing styles are different. We can make the cockpit or back bay to any dimension that you need. Lead-times apply.

Stock Frame Dimensions: (Generally fits a leg inseam of 30-33”)
  • 38” between tubes 
  • 21” cockpit
  • 15” under rowers’ seat
  • 22” mid-bay
  • 15” back bay 
  • 60” Total width 
  • 79” Total length
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Powder Coating

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1 review for Class V Middle Fork Frame

  1. Jack

    I’ve been floating NRS frames for a few years now. Always my buddies frames, you know how it is! So, it was time to get my own frame. Due to shortages, I was unable to complete the NRS frame and sold the parts I had to people who need them to complete their frames.

    My home rivers are the North and Middle forks of the Flathead river in West Glacier. I don’t NEED an amazing frame for these two rivers. But I want to float in Oregon, in Idaho, in Washington, perhaps someday the big rivers of California.

    From the first moment of using this frame, my eyes were opened! Expecting the ‘normal’ physical exertion, I was just ROCKETING the raft around. Maybe my previous experience was on poor frames? Most likely it’s the fact that Jesse Fisher understands ergonomics and correct placement of the human in the frame. He built a frame that allows you to deliver energy to the water more efficiently than any mechanical frame you can purchase or build. Look at the Northfork and Middlefork frames. They are built heavily, but using a material which allows heavy building without the accompanying weight.

    The frame is the heart of your raft… the tubes are important, yes, but the heart of your raft must be solid. And these frames have heart. Jesse Fisher is at the top of his game, and I feel very lucky to have been able to get one of these vastly superior frames.

    On comparison to NRS or any breakdown frame: Welded frames are statically in-determinant – they gain strength from the welded joints. Mechanically assembled frames DO NOT get added strength from the joints. In addition to that, they are heavier because of the joint weight. I don’t know how much heavier, but it’s notable.

    Anyway, if you see someone who has a Class V frame, see if you can get a test run on it – they are flat out amazing. if you are in the same boat I was (pun intended), you’ll start drooling for the time you too can own a professional frame! It’s worth it. Really.

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